Company History

About National Chemical Laboratories (NCL)…

NCL has earned an international reputation for exceptional performance and maximum product value. Today, our broad line of World Class Cleaning Solutions® exceeds the expectations of our customers across North, Central, and South America, as well as the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Asia.

Whether you are looking for superior floor care solutions for VCT, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Ceramic Tile, Stone Floors, Rubber / Synthetic flooring, or carpet cleaning, NCL has the right answer! For all your customer’s Jan/San needs, we provide you premium performance cleaners and maintenance products for K-12 Education Facilities, Colleges & Universities, Building Service Contractors, Industrial and Institutional facilities and many other end-user accounts.

NCL and W.B. MASON…forging a powerful alliance!

With over 270 unique product offerings, coupled with direct sales support from our team of dedicated Regional Sales Managers, NCL provides W.B. MASON the products and programs that will spell success with your customers. We can help you customize a cleaning program that maximizes labor savings, and with your exceptional logistics advantage, together we are poised for significant growth in the years ahead!