Dilution Ratio to End-Use Cost Calculator

Instructions (How to Use)

  1. Use this calculator to determine the cost Gallon, Quart, Ounce or Milliliter (ml) for any package size and/or quantity combination available.
  2. In this calculator you can adjust the
    Case Price and the
    Dilution Ratio and the
    Case volume in ml by inputing the size of the package in the appropriate field,
    Package Size in ml or
    Package Size in oz (which is converted to ml automatically) or
    Package Size in gal (which is converted to ml automatically). Then input the
    # of Packages in a case.
    The calculated values change automatically.
  3. To share the results enter an email address and click on Share Results button.

Dilution Ratio End-Use Cost Calculator

NOTE: The values in Green Boxes can be changed. To make a change, highlight the entire field including the $, or ml and replace with the value only. The $ will be added automatically. Replace the number and wait a second for the change to take effect.