One of the most important tasks that must be performed in any building is the cleaning, sanitizing, and maintenance of the restrooms. Clean restrooms are important for many reasons. Visitors often make initial and long lasting opinions on a company based on their first impressions of the restrooms’ cleanliness. A clean, fresh smelling restroom is interpreted as being representative of a healthy first-rate, professional organization. Alternatively, an unkempt, malodorous restroom is representative of an unsanitary, lazy, unprofessional organization. Clean and fresh smelling restrooms can also boost morale among employees, students, patients, visitors, and others who enter your facility.

Anyone involved in the care and maintenance of restroom environments should remember the acronym “MOPS”.

These four critical factors in restroom maintenance must be performed properly and in a timely manner to ensure complete cleanliness and sanitation of each restroom.

MAINTENANCE of restroom equipment and supplies

Whenever performing restroom maintenance always check to assure all equipment is working properly and that the restroom is well stocked with supplies.

ODOR CONTROL is critical in the public’s perception of cleanliness.

No matter how clean a restroom may appear, the public will perceive it as being dirty and unclean if foul odors are present.

PROPER CLEANING of a restroom is not a difficult task if the proper products are selected and the correct cleaning procedures are used.


Control of odor-causing and disease-causing bacteria is of vital importance to everyone.

NCL restroom maintenance solutions clean, sanitize, and deodorize every restroom surface.

For a complete tutorial on the proper maintenance procedures and methods to be used in proper restroom maintenance, enroll for free at NCL University Online and sign up for the Employee Training and Certification Program, where you will have the opportunity to take part in the video tutorials covering proper restroom maintenance procedures.

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