Stone Care

Interested in restoring and maintaining your facility's natural stone? Now you can do it yourself!

Stone Care Solutions™ from NCL is a complete, professional program for the restoration, protection and long term maintenance of natural stone and ceramic surfaces. This coordinated system allows you to maintain your natural floor surfaces, countertops, tables and other areas at peak polish levels, while protecting the surface from spills and staining.

For over 50 years, discriminating sanitary maintenance professionals have trusted the performance and quality of the products from National Chemical Laboratories. At NCL, all of our efforts are driven toward the development of new, innovative products and systems designed for exceptional performance while saving you time, labor and money.

Stone Care Solutions™ offers you maximum performance with user-friendly, stone-specific products for maintaining almost any natural stone or ceramic tile surface. This comprehensive program is designed for building service contractors and in-house facility service providers, and does not require extensive technical experience with abrasive methods! Our programs are also easy-to-follow and provide superior gloss and protection.

Marble Care

Complete programs for marble and limestone. Products for abrasive polishing, natural polishing, crystallization, daily and interim maintenance, stain removal and restorative cleaning.

Terrazzo Care

A revolutionary 2-step process that creates the hardest, most durable scratch and scuff resistant polish on terrazzo floors. Product includes daily and interim maintenance, stain removal and restorative cleaning.

Stone Care Equipment & Accessories

Includes daily and interim maintenance, stain removal and restorative cleaning of limestone, sandstone, slate, quartz, onyx and other natural stone surfaces.

Granite Care

Includes polishing and maintenance systems for all types of granite floors; polished, honed, and flame cut. Products for abrasive polishing, natural polishing, crystallization, daily and interim maintenance, stain removal and restorative cleaning.

Ceramic Care

Unique system that can actually polish and restore old, worn ceramic tile floors. Brightens and removes stains from grout. Ceramic Care includes products for long term grout protection and daily maintenance.

Quarry Care

For quarry tile, terra cotta, pavers, and monocuttura and Saltillo tiles. Quarry Tile Care includes products for daily and interim maintenance, stain removal, and restorative cleaning.

Training… the key to exceptional results!

Proper instruction and hands-on training of your personnel will help you produce outstanding results with our Stone Care Solutions™ product systems at your facility. NCL Authorized Distributors provide comprehensive training at your facility for the Stone Care Solutions™. The NCL University, conducted at our Philadelphia, PA Training Center, is a unique learning environment where maintenance professionals receive intensive training on a wide variety of natural stone surfaces. It includes classroom and hands-on instruction, focusing on surface characteristics and identification, as well as a review of Stone Care Solutions™ Product Systems restoration and maintenance procedures and troubleshooting.

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