Twin Power

Modular Chemical Dispensing Unit

This marvel in dispensing efficiency, with its easy-to-install, space saving design, offers you our exclusive ES-Gap™ Eductor, which provides complete backflow prevention and broad regulatory acceptance.

Unique cartridge design offers dual flow and dilution control from the same super concentrate container with no chemical carryover. The locking high flow button enables you to fill mop buckets or automatic scrubbers easily and quickly

Cleaning performance, economy, versatility, portability, value.

  • TWIN POWER™ Modular Chemical Dispensing Program from NCL has it all!
  • We use super concentrate technologies along with proven Green Seal® Certified formulas to develop a dispensing program that delivers exceptional cleaning power where you want it, when you want it!
  • TWIN POWER™ simplifies training of your housekeeping staff, and keeps you in compliance, especially important if pursuing green building initiatives such as LEED*. 
  • NCL knows what makes dispensing systems work, and we have put our 50+ years of expertise into this program to create the most simple, cost effective and performance driven dilution system in the industry.
  • Try TWIN POWER™ Modular Chemical Dispensing from NCL, and see the difference our products can make at your facility. 

How does TWIN POWER™ work

  • Field-proven, true Super Concentrates for maximum cleaning performance
  • Ultimate cleaning efficiency at pre-set dilution ratios for total cost control
  • Universal fragrance with our exclusive Sienna™ cosmetic grade scent in many products
  • Bi-lingual concentrate and secondary labels, with icons for easy product identification
  • Environmentally Responsible formulas that contain no harsh solvents (such as Butyl Cellusolv) or phosphates and are completely biodegradable (noted products also carry Green Seal Certification)
  • Super concentrated formulas reduce amount of packaging required; promotes source reduction
  • Elimination of waste associated with inaccurate dilutions promotes a cleaner environment

Unique TWIN POWER™ bottle design with dual flow stem allows for filling of both high- and low-flow products from the same bottle, saving time and inventory space!

The TWIN POWER™ Chemical Management System from NCL provides peak cleaning efficiency in an environmentally responsible program.

Using super concentrated formulations (3-4 times higher than traditional strength products), TWIN POWER Dispensing products deliver highly active in-use dilution cleaners that perform the toughest of tasks!

You also gain exceptional control over your cleaning costs...safely! The unique TWIN POWER insert dilutes either spray & wipe or mop & bucket applications from the same container with no chemical contact.

With 18 high performance products available, the TWIN POWER program is the most comprehensive chemical management system available today!


Dispensing System

The new FLEX-LOCK II™ Dilution System from National Chemical Laboratories offers you all of the “no chemical contact” advantages of our Twin Power™ Dispensing System in a lockable unit for added security.  Fills both bucket and spray-and-wipe application products from the Same SKU, saving valuable inventory space!


All the advantages of the Twin Power wall-mounted system with the portable convenience of on demand dilution from any location with access to a water source and hose. The unit will fill both spray bottles and buckets from the same chemical super concentrate container, saving time and inventory costs. The convenient trigger style handle with quick release button makes filling containers easy, with accurate dispensing first time, every time. The Porta-Power unit can be easily carried on a janitorial service cart or utility cart, and can connect to any standard water source quickly and easily. Comes complete with Earth Sense Wall chart and MSDS Booklet

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